Adam Casson

AI RESEARCH engineer


I am an AI Research Engineer at Paige.AI where I work on developing neural networks for detecting cancer in large-scale histopathology images. Previously, I worked in a Comcast-NBCUniversal R&D lab prototyping natural language processing and computer vision models for media understanding. I received my bachelor’s degree in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology where I focused on computer vision and also did research on extending visual question answering to videos.



PAIGE.AI, New York, NY

AI Research Engineer

February 2019 - Present

Applying deep learning to gigapixel histopathology images for cancer detection.

Comcast-NBCUniveral, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Machine Learning Engineer

October 2017 - February 2019

Was part of a research and innovation group called Media Labs. Helped develop machine learning pipelines for processing a vast catalog of media assets. Developed and deployed domain specific word embedding models. Researched methods to measure the semantic drift of domain specific words over time using traditional and Bayesian word embedding methods.

ROchester Institute Of Technology, Rochester, NY

Research Assistant

June 2016 - May 2017

Worked with Dr. Christopher Kanan in kLab researching visual question answering for videos. Developed a multi-modal neural network architecture to jointly understand video and natural language. Created one of the largest video question answering datasets by using natural language processing algorithms to convert video descriptions into question/answer pairs.



Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

B.S. Imaging Science, 2013-2017


PHONE: 217 414 2312